What CARE AWARE can do for the public

We want all professional trades and businesses (e.g. utility companies, building firms etc.) to proactively support people with dementia and their carers when working in their home.

This global resource was established to educate and train tradespeople to be aware of the needs of people with dementia and their carers and to help them respond appropriately. The ‘I am CARE AWARE®’ brand has been developed by tradespeople for tradespeople and by carers for carers of people with dementia.

We provide:

Training designed to help a tradesperson understand dementia and engage with people with dementia in a professional manner

  • A code of conduct framework to protect the person with dementia and the tradesperson
  • A number of processes for the tradesperson to follow to make life simpler for the person with dementia and their carer
  • A photo ID card and registration number known as the “I am CARE AWARE®” card scheme
  • A register of individual tradespeople or businesses who are CARE AWARE® (i.e. those who have completed the training and passed the tests)

Being a CARE AWARE® customer you get:

  • A tradesperson who has knowledge and understanding of dementia
  • A tradesperson who understands your situation and therefore understands the best way to support you
  • A tradesperson who is traceable through the CARE AWARE® card scheme
  • A tradesperson who will work with you to get the best outcome
  • A tradesperson who will be flexible to your needs and the needs of your family
  • A more professional service