What can CARE AWARE do for businesses

We want to help businesses respond better to the needs of people with dementia.

We provide:

  • Training designed to help your staff understand dementia and engage with people with dementia in a professional manner
  • Advice to enhance your business’s brand as a caring business
  • A code of conduct to protect the public and the tradesperson
  • A register of businesses who are CARE AWARE®
  • The “I am CARE AWARE®” card scheme
  • Access to a global CARE AWARE® trade community

Being a CARE AWARE® business you get:

  • Free proactive advertising
  • Confidence that your staff are able to deal with problems they may encounter
  • Enhanced brand awareness as a caring company
  • And coming in 2018, the opportunity to join “We are CARE AWARE®” – a scheme for businesses to ensure that the whole business conforms to best practice in serving the needs of people with dementia

Your first step is ensuring that all your front line staff are registered with the “I am CARE AWARE®” scheme.