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How we built Care Aware

To build a house it needs foundations, walls and a roof. It also needs windows, doors, electricity, plumbing and heating etc. All these services and building blocks need to come together AND work together for it to function as a house and a home.

Using the same principles of a house, we at CARE AWARE International have designed and built a structure to support people with dementia, their carers and tradespeople. The building blocks of our house have its foundations in health and social care, the construction industry, safeguarding, education, principles of behaviour change as well as social value and corporate social responsibility.

We were supported in the design and building of Care Aware® by people with dementia, carers of people with dementia, tradespeople, Alzheimer’s Society, TIDE® (Together In Dementia Everyday), organisations involved in industry, academics, focus groups and trading standards to name but a few.

Therefore, we believe that the origins of CARE AWARE® are built on solid foundations by people who know what is needed to answer the question – How can a tradesperson interact, behave and support people with dementia and their carers when working on their home?