Welcome to CARE AWARE

At CARE AWARE® we are not just another education and training company, our mission is to build a better life for people who have different abilities or disabilities and support people who may be vulnerable. In addition to this, we also focus on empowering and supporting individuals, businesses and society to develop and change. We achieve this through evidence-based education and training courses and are underpinned by a number of key elements:

  • Equality
  • Diversity
  • Social inclusion
  • Social value
  • Safeguarding
  • Elder care and support
  • Education, learning and life skills

We believe that an increase in the knowledge and understanding of certain issues or difficulties that people face in their life, understanding the key elements above (e.g. safeguarding), changing practice and behaviour to support people to overcome these issues and working within a recognised code of conduct will improve standards of service, experience and outcomes for people.

Achieving our aims
Here at CARE AWARE®, we are raising the standards of service across different sectors for people who have different abilities or disabilities and for people who may be vulnerable. We are spreading good practice principles, helping businesses and organisations reach maturity in how they engage with people and we champion those whom are helping us to bring about this change in society that we want to see.

About our courses
Continuous personal and professional development is an ethos we live and work by. We construct courses which whilst are both targeted and specific in content, are easy to use and follow, whilst at the same time maintaining the highest quality of delivery. Our ongoing commitment to lifelong learning ensures our practice, and the people we work with, is kept up-to-date.
We can serve everyone from large organisations to individual learners. Our courses are authored by fully qualified professionals with vast experience in their chosen field and they are constructed to ensure the best possible outcome for the service user and provider.
Our Partners
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Comments from training

“Very well delivered and informative to deliver the key messages about being CARE AWARE with dementia customers”

“Better understanding of dementia leads to easier happier experience for customer and trades”

“Yes let’s make a change and improve the quality for the dementia patient and make it easier for the tradesperson to carry out their work”